"The LEDs themselves look awesome!!! Everyone loves the LED lights."

- Kindsgrab Holdings

“Guys - FYI. I stopped by Kankakee Country Club today just to see how things went from their standpoint. Seems like we have a very happy client. Two chefs told me the kitchen is like a brand new place. The guy working on the golf carts said for the first time in history he could do his work without squinting to see. The other guy said when he flipped on the lights in the am to start work he thought he was at the wrong club.

The acting manager told me the women's card group was very happy. She said if the numbers on the electric bills work out like we claim they will, this package is "absolutely perfect." And she got numerous good comments that the parking lot at night was much safer.

So far it looks like good work by everyone.”

- John Glennon, Cap4Energy, LLC

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